Restorative Writing Workshops

Laura designs and facilitates customized workshops in the workplace to meet both individual and organizational wellness needs. In-person or virtual.

Writing helps us better understand what we hold within ourselves and allows us to express that to the people around us. In workshops we use writing as a process to slow down, open to insight, reignite curiosity, and make space for contemplation. We discover how to create a writing practice that over time allows us to discover strength, wisdom, depth, energy, and wholeness. Expressive writing is a powerful and proven tool to help individuals and groups better connect, build resilience, reduce stress, and feel more restored.

Suggested pricing based on workshop design and needs. To start that discussion, Email Laura.

“I didn’t know what to expect, but I connected deeply with Laura’s way of guiding the workshop and feel inspired to incorporate writing as a consistent, restorative practice. It was also valuable to hear and share with my peers.”

Nonprofit CEO in SoulCare Leadership Program, H. E. Butt Foundation, San Antonio, TX
Participant in Restorative Writing Workshop

Poetic Record: FREE ONLINE Resilience Workshop for Healthcare Workers

Every Tuesday: 6:00-7:00 p.m. Central Time. No experience required.


Poetic Record: Resilience Workshop for Healthcare is a FREE ONLINE workshop through Community Building Art Works that blends poetry, community + the science of resilience. Each week, Laura selects a poem and together participants read, respond, write, and can choose to share.  Countless studies and decades of research reveal the link between expressive writing and health. Writing provides a private space for individuals to reinforce positive experiences, display gratitude, and explore and articulate painful truths. During this pandemic, healthcare workers face not only the very real danger of COVID-19, but also increased risk of primary and secondary trauma, moral injury, compassion fatigue, and burnout. Read the blog feature about the workshop in Veteran’s VAntage Point.

Writing Under the Influence:
Generative, Single-Author Workshops via Zoom
with Laura Van Prooyen

Watch for upcoming offerings.

For five weeks, we read in community and write in response together. In this generative workshop, we read poems aloud together for the first hour and in the second hour we write independently. You will receive supplemental materials weekly, including a mix of writing prompts, essays, interviews, and links for further reading. In our final meeting we will celebrate and share from our newly generated work.

The workshop is designed for us to become intimately familiar with the work of a single poet, and to see how their work changed throughout their life. By reading aloud, we open both eye and ear to appreciate the poem’s craft. Writing in community honors the creative process as we generate and share drafts of original work inspired by a particular poet.

Past Single-Author Workshops via Zoom:  Larry Levis, Louise Glück (early work + last three books), Brigit Pegeen Kelly, Adelia Prado

“Laura facilitates an intimate, creative online space where people can immerse themselves in the language of one particularly masterful poet by reading aloud and listening to their body of work. The background materials she provides as a supplement to each class are carefully curated and intellectually stimulating. She gives ample time for writing and sharing at the end of each class, and her prompts often generate compelling results. Laura’s generous spirit works beautifully with her chosen method of facilitating these workshops. I look forward to taking another workshop with Laura!”

Kelly Anderson, participant in Zoom Poetry Workshops focused on the work of Larry Levis, Louise Glück, and Brigit Pegeen Kelly 


“As hard as the things are that I encounter every day, bearing witness to suffering, there is still also so much joy. I am grateful for this workshop. I feel refreshed, renewed, and excited to ease back into a writing practice that had fallen by the wayside.”

Palliative Care Team Member, University Health Hospital, San Antonio, TX
Participant in Restorative Writing Workshop

“This workshop gave us practical tools and thoughts about writing. I learned the importance of making time to reflect and my need to release my words. I plan to dedicate daily time to journal.”

Nonprofit CEO in SoulCare Leadership Program, H. E. Butt Foundation, San Antonio, TX
Participant in Restorative Writing Workshop

“Laura is a skilled and gracious facilitator. She clearly invests care and thought in preparing materials and approaches to each session. She welcomes each participant individually. She expresses enthusiasm for the group and for the participation of attendees, creating an open and supportive atmosphere, accepting of and sensitive to whatever content and issues arise from the material and activities in the event. Thank you for offering this experience for providers.”

Participant in Poetic Record: Resilience Workshop for Healthcare Workers

“I didn’t expect to write so much or feel so relieved writing what I did.”

Participant in Poetic Record: Resilience Workshop for Healthcare Workers

“Laura does a wonderful job planning and leading these workshops. I am enjoying them as a participant and also taking note of how she creates community in a virtual space for use in my professional life.”

Participant in Writing Workshop for Caregivers & Military Families

“I work in an Intensive Outpatient Program with service members who have a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) diagnosis. Laura joined our group and lead the narrative component of the treatment process. Laura’s goal, from the beginning, was not to transform these wounded warriors into writers; rather, she offered them a creative way to express emotions related to the trauma of war they’ve been trying to avoid for years. Her work with the soldiers was successful beyond all expectations. During each six-week cohort, the patients eagerly anticipated her weekly session. This is a tough group to penetrate, but Laura, using a simple approach, helped these heroes express and release their emotions through writing.”

Roy Gissendanner, Psychology Technician
Intensive Outpatient Program, Clinic of Behavioral Medicine at Brooke Army Medical Center