Mentor & Consult

Creative Mentorship

Is your writing/creative life at a stand still, and you wish you had some one-on-one personal guidance? Would you like to have reading suggestions, generative exercises, discussions about the creative life and your work? Do you want regular feedback on your drafts and ideas?

As your mentor, I come to understand your goals and desires and create individualized suggestions based on your needs. Together we build a relationship where we have monthly exchanges, initially for three months, with the possibility of continuing.

  • In-person or phone/virtual
  • Initial three month commitment
  • Monthly cost depends on depth of the exchange. To start that discussion, Email Laura.

Manuscript Consultation

Are you looking for detailed feedback on your chapbook or a book-length manuscript?

As your consultant, I provide full, deep-level consultations that include feedback on strength of manuscript as a whole, sentence-level edits, suggestions for possible publication, and a one-hour phone call. Alternatively, I offer global consultations (that do not include line edits). I work with beginning and established writers.

“Laura Van Prooyen is both insightful and kind. Her critique was illuminating. After her global reading, I felt like I had the awareness I needed to take this work to the next level. I highly recommend working with her!”

Kelly Fordon, client and author of two short story collections I Have the Answer and Garden for the Blind (Wayne State University Press) and a poetry collection, Goodbye Toothless House (Kattywompus Press).

  • Pricing: Variable, estimated on the needs of the project. To start that discussion, Email Laura.

Laura Van Prooyen is an outstanding writing consultant. She’s both honest and encouraging in her remarks, pointing out what works and offering practical suggestions for improvement. She also has a strong talent for looking at a manuscript through the eyes of an acquisitions editor, explaining how to arrange the material so the reader is hooked from the very first page. I fully recommend Laura for writers who want to take their craft to the next level.

Richard Cole, client and author of Catholic by Choice (Loyola Press),
The Glass Children (University of Georgia Press) and Success Stories (Limestone Books)

“Laura’s Creative Mentorship spurred me to the next level in my journey, and her thoughtful treatment of even the roughest draft has been invaluable. In our monthly conversations, she guided me to make and meet achievable writing goals and provided a targeted reading list, so I could discover craft examples to study and emulate. Laura met me where I was, celebrating and challenging me at each turn. With her direction and encouragement, my writing evolved and my forward trajectory continues even after our time together ended. I signed on for a second mentorship, and I can barely wait to begin. Laura’s delight in sharing poetry is palpable.”

Dee Susong, client and Special Education Teacher, Bryker Woods Elementary, Austin, TX

“Because I know Laura is an excellent poet and a careful reader of other’s poetry, I felt she would provide an honest opinion of my new, large-in-scope manuscript-in-progress. I’ve found that Laura is not only an in-depth reader, but she is also a guide, providing detailed notes, giving meaningful references to read and consider, suggesting edits and sequencing ideas that enhance the work and its flow. Laura can see the whole of the book and give superb guidance in making the work come alive. I’m very happy that I chose Laura’s creative mentorship.”

Marcia Roberts, client and author of several chapbooks, most recently What She Knows (Blaze Vox Books) In the Bird’s Breath (Effing Press)

“I had the privilege of having Laura as a poetry mentor and my MFA thesis advisor in the Miami University Low-Res Creative Writing Program. Laura approached my work with care and attention, and it was obvious she was rooting for my success. Her feedback was thoughtful, pointed, and encouraging. Her facilitation fostered a serious, professional environment that still allowed for humor and fellowship. Laura’s warmth and personality make her approachable, and I always felt comfortable asking questions or seeking additional help.”

Alex McIntosh, MFA in Poetry, 2019