Next Page Press


Laura is the founder of Next Page Press is an independent publisher based in San Antonio, TX.

We publish contemporary poetry that is precise in language, clear in voice, and that fosters new thinking about how we make meaning in our lives. We are drawn to poems attentive to both image and sound. Next Page is committed to publishing professionally designed, beautiful books that feel good in the hand.

As a small, volunteer-run press, we value community and collaboration and aim to build relationships with our authors and audiences. Next Page seeks writers who embrace working together to promote and create conversations around the books we publish. We hold a roll-up-the-sleeves attitude and work best with authors who actively take a role in getting word out about their books.

We aim to represent a diverse range of writers, and we will make inclusive decisions about the authors we publish. While open to new and emerging voices, Next Page in interested in poets looking for a home for a second or third book. Submissions are by solicitation only at this time.